Yellow and Black, Not Just for the Bees


Do you doze off out of boredom at the repetitious color schemes in your home? If you’d rather not look like every other beige home on the block, why not try something a little out of the ordinary in one of your rooms?

Yellow is a hot color. Accentuate your favorite shade of yellow with black accents. Might seem a little out of the ordinary to go for black home accessories, especially since we are in the full swing of Spring, but you’d be amazed by the brightness of black. Don’t believe me? Check it:

Black window shades are (surprisingly) awesome!

Take a look at the above photo of one amazing bathroom. These gorgeous pleated black shades from Bali allow light to filter in, but give you the privacy you need for a bathroom when they’ve closed. They’re also made out of durable, water resistant material, making then perfect for rooms exposed to high heat and moisture.


I found this gorgeous room in House to Home Magazine. The stunning black and yellow gold prints of the bedding compliment the drapery patterns without looking too busy. And I absolutely love that headboard. How much more luxe can it get?


I love that yellow is the focal color here, and black-trimmed creme furniture simply complements it all.


It’s risky to choose a black crib and black rocking chair, but just look at the end result! Black furniture compliments baby blue and canary yellow so nicely here, and you’d surly be the only mom on the block with a nursery like this. Your friends will be so jealous!  I like these cordless double cell light filtering shades; they’re pretty, and safe for little children.

I definitely don’t recommend painting a room black. Though black is associated with elegance, and can sometimes create depth perspective, it also has the ability to make you feel claustrophobic and sad. Use black for accent pieces instead.

Want more ideas on decorating with black?

Read our handy ‘Black is Back’ post on more black focused design ideas and check out our ‘Home Design Trend: Dark Finishes’ for even more great ideas.  Be bold and try experimenting with color once in a while. You might find out you’re good at it!

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  1. I really love everything about those rooms! I especially love the black blinds. I wouldn't mind getting a set of those to install in my windows.
    Jayden Eden |

  2. I seriously have to admit, the yellow and black theme reminded me of bees, but this certainly looks fabulous !

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