Yee haw! knows how to ‘Go Texan’

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Our team had a boot kickin’ good time on this year’s ‘Go Texan Day‘.  If you’ve never been in Houston (where we are headquartered) around this time of year, you’re missing out on some of the most purely Texan experiences in the world!

To celebrate the day, the team dressed in our finest Western garb (no, believe it or not folks in Texas don’t *always* wear boots and cowboy hats!)…

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Then we outfitted the offices in the most cowboy friendly decor we could find (can’t you just hear The Good, The Bad and The Ugly score playing?).

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And held our annual chili and cornbread cook-off, one of the more highly anticipated office events of the year.  What can we say?  The company that eats together doing great things together!

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What kinds of things do you do with your friends, family and co-workers to celebrate?  Anyone need a chili recipe?

If you haven’t read it yet, check out our CEO Jay Steinfeld‘s great article on ’11 Easy Ways to Make Work Fun‘ that perfectly exemplifies a lot of our culture.

Until next time, keep on ridin’ you home design cowboys!

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    Are you guys having fun or what!? Looks like a great party!

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