Window Treatments for Manly Men


We don’t mean to generalize here but we have more than a few gentlemen customers that have needed extra help in choosing the right window treatments for their homes.  No problem – we even have a ‘Manly Decorating’ Pinterest board!

When in doubt, go with wood blinds


Wood blinds are a timeless design and easy to coordinate with any  Color and add-ons make a big difference. When in doubt, go with something in a dark wood. Mahogany and walnut woods are generally on the darker side of the spectrum. They’re sophisticated and classic without drawing too much attention. Choose something cordless, which are more sleek than corded blinds.

Choose some accents, like cloth tapes or edge binding (depending on the product you choose) in black or brown. If you want to add a little color, you might choose Hunter green cloth tapes or blue.

The valance is also important; choosing an outside mounted valance with an inside mounted blind provides depth to the room.

Solar shades keep the glare away

You also might choose a simple solar shade like this one. It’s great for media rooms, computer rooms and offices because it protects your high-tech gear from the sun, and it prevents glare. Functional AND good-looking… just like you.

Woven wood shades look swell Budget Woven Wood

One of our customers submitted this photo to us. He even told us that his girlfriend was totally impressed with the blinds in the game room.

Woven wood shades are rustic and cool, and complement any type of room.

Aluminum shades are modern + functional

Graber Classic Supreme Aluminum

Aluminum blinds are all about function, function, function. They’re extremely durable, resistant to little kids and pets (they’re tempered aluminum, can’t get much sturdier than that), and they’re no fuss. They’re really easy to install, and they get the job done.

Love those shutters! Traditional Shutter

Last but definitely not least, the holy grail of window treatments, are shutters. This customer not only installed them in his windows, but in his skylights as well, a very non-traditional look. You can see the kind of effect wood shutters have on a room. Instant upgrade!

Tell me your thoughts – what type of window treatments are perfect for modern men?  Be sure to check out our manly decorating style post too!

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  1. Classic 2 inch Bali designer white faux wood composite blinds were my choice for my just purchased new house. I intend to soften the effect and add interest with a minimal drape made of a luxurious fabric (style and fabric still to be chosen).

    Ideas for that would be welcome.

  2. I completely agree; classic window treatments in classic colors are the way to go. Thank you Ceil!


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