Why Blinds.com Was Crowned the Best Place to Work

Yesterday was an exciting day around here. We accepted the award for #1 Best Place to Work in Houston, in the medium-sized business category (100-500 employees). It’s a huge honor for us; we care immensly about our culture and hold true to our core values in everything we do. It’s a really big deal to be recognized for the thing you’re most proud. Our people are our most important asset and resource, and we’re just so excited to share that passion with the Houston business community.

I could go on about why I think this is the best place to work, but instead, hear from long-time employee Steve K., who’s worked in several departments, and now heads up product management. Enjoy.

From Steve:

Steve setting up for the Blinds.com Mardi Gras Parade Why is Blinds.com the best place to work?  Where do I begin?  There are so many reasons why Blinds.com would be named the “Best Place to Work”.  When you first walk in the doors of our office, you immediately feel at home.  Every time a new person visits our office, you can see it in their face, “Wow, what a great atmosphere”.  Your first glare across the open room you see smiling face after smiling face.  How often do you encounter that at your workplace?

I’ve been working here for almost 9 years and I couldn’t imagine anywhere else I’d rather work.  I started working here when it was still considered a small operation and watched our business grow into what it is today.  Being part of almost every department at one time or another, ending up in the marketing department, has given me a wide range of knowledge and the ability to help out anywhere I may be needed.  Here at Blinds.com, everyone is encouraged to improve themselves, take chances, have fun and most of all BE yourself.  So often you hear people say they hate going to work, that’s not the story when you talk to Blinds.com employees.

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