What’s the Difference Between the Different Styles of Roman Shades?



Q: I noticed Blinds.com has a lot of difference choices of roman shades. Waterfall blinds, roman blinds, cascading blinds… I’m confused. What are the differences?



A: Thanks for your question. Blinds.com carries a big selection of roman shades from multiple brands. Roman shades are extremely popular because they combine the chic look of draperies and curtains with the functionality of window blinds. The styles vary significantly, so choose the one that best suits the room in which you’ll hang it. Here are some basic style tips about our top 6 roman shade products. They should help you choose the best roman shade for a formal, casual, country, or modern room.

Blinds.com Blackout Roman Shade – This blackout roman is stylish and simple. Use it in any type of room, though it is especially suited for bedrooms, nurseries, and media rooms because they block light very well and protect you and your home from the heat of the sun.


Blinds.com Economy Roman Shade – If you love the look of roman shades, but don’t want to spend a fortune on custom roman shades, this is the perfect product for you. They’re available in beautiful neutrals, as well as a few bright colors These can also be used in formal or casual rooms alike. Choose these is you’re looking for an expensive looking roman shade at a very low price.


Blinds.com Deluxe Roman Shade – The supple materials and quality make these a perfect luxury choice at a low price. Available in tons of materials and colors, they’re great for semi-formal to formal spaces. People love these because they’re a great value for a high-quality product not found anywhere else.


Thomas Kinkade Flat Roman Shade – Flat roman shades are simple and classic. The Thomas Kinkade line offers over 300 fabrics in solids, patterns, and sheers for you to choose from. People that choose the Thomas Kinkade Flat Roman Shade like it because they’re elegant and easy to operate.


Blinds.com Chic Essentials Tuscany Designer Woven Wood Roman Shade – A long name, but a very beautiful roman shade. This product continues to increase in popularity as woven wood and bamboo shades become more popular. More people are choosing to decorate with sisal, rattan, seagrass, and bamboo. This roman shade utilizes all of those materials. This hybrid product gives you the elegance of a roman shade, combined with the modern look of a woven wood shade. This Blinds.com product was recently featured on HGTV.


Blinds.com Cordless Roman Shade – Brand new to the Blinds.com line of roman shades, this shade has become so popular because it comes standard with a cordless left system, so you don’t have to worry about children and pets dangling cords. It operates seamlessly and smoothly, yet you still get the beautiful roman shade look you’re craving.


There are lots of other styles available on the website, reverse fold and relaxed fold to name a few. Visit Blinds.com to check out some of the other ways to use roman shades with your décor.

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