Crafting, Dorm Life and Becoming a Blinds.commer with Intern Evie

It’s summer and that means fun, talented interns are in the office! We’re thrilled to introduce you to Evie, our Social Media Content Intern, and one of the newest additions to the family.

You’ll be hearing a lot more from Evie over the next few months, so read on to hear what this fun-loving crafter-extraordinaire is all about! – Abigail

Since this is my first post, the first thing I want to say is how thrilled I am to be the Social Media Content Summer Intern for! I look forward to writing some great articles, pins, tweets, and more.


Honestly, I didn’t know that much about the company before my interview. I had read through a few blog  posts and tweets from happy employees beforehand but did not know what I was walking into. When I came into the office it was unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Bright colors, a room full of bobble heads, and lava lamps are definitely not what I had in mind for one of the fastest growing companies in the city, but I learned that culture here is one of the reasons why has thrived.


During the first day of my internship, I realized that all of the employees here live for I have never met a group of people so excited to come to work each morning, maybe it has something to do with the cookie oven, coffee machine, or super friendly staff.


Here everyone follows the company’s core values. Improve continuously, one of the five values, is represented by a whiteboard where each employee can write work or personal goals they hope to achieve. One of the other values, experiment without fear of failure, is shown by two over sized test tubes with giant marbles. The clear marbles represent ideas that didn’t work and the colored ones stand for ideas that did succeed.

Evie’s Crafty Finds

Aside from spending my time working at one of the most interesting places in Houston, I have a few hobbies to fill my spare time.

ss intro anchor


This anchor with a painted-on Lilly Pulizter print is exactly the kind of thing I like to make (via Sorority Sugar). Its relatively easy and has a good chance of turning out great, even if you aren’t a great painter like me.

Since my discovery of Pinterest last year, I will admit that maybe I’ve become a little obsessed with crafting. Upon coming home and remembering most people do not eat Easy Mac out of a coffee mug every week, I’ve also found my passion for cooking again.

Evie’s Favorite Blogs

Blogs that help me jump into crafting and cooking include:

ss intro


Sorority Sugar is an online collection of crafts, t-shirts, and promotion ideas that I love. This piece on cute centerpieces that they covered is definitely something I would do.

French-Salad-Niçoise ss

Top Inspired has a variety of recipes, beauty tips, and crafts. What could be better?


Living in a dorm, I see each new school year as an opportunity to redecorate. One blog that’s helpful for little dorm-friendly design projects is Craftaholics Anonymous.

Over the course of this summer nothing would make me happier than to do something productive with my Pinterest addiction. I can’t wait to post something you’ll enjoy, be sure to share your own favorites in the comments!

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Evie Sweeten

Evie is the Social Media Content Intern for Given her constant broke college student status, she's always looking for things she can make herself or make better with glitter.


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