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Monday has rolled ’round yet again, and the main reason we’re still awake at this midday, post-lunch moment is because of all the pretty we’ve been staring at. To say we’re inspired by these blogs would be an understatement. Hope they jumpstart your mojo as they have ours!

Whether youre 25 or 85, give this tiny lil’ box and cusomize it to the correct age of the birthday boy or girl. So stinkin’ cute. (Better Living Through Design)

Forget green paint, why not line your hallways with real, live pants? Vertical gardens are all the rage, but this one stands out from the rest. (Fresh Home)

According to The Style File, this Ibiza home is for sale. Any objections to us just snagging that amazing table and chairs? (The Style Files)

Have a big, open speace you’d like to divide up, but don’t want to feel closed in? Two words: ROPE WALLS. Design Public always inspires us. (Design Public)

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