Ultimate Summer Road Trip Guide

The Sizzlin’ Summer isn’t over yet and this week, thanks to our partnership with Bounce Energy we’re bringing you everything you need for the perfect summer road trip. 


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Summer is made for long drives with a warm breeze in your face. If you haven’t been able to get away yet this summer, it’s never too late to pack the car and go. As we continue our Sizzlin’ Summer Series, we’ll tell you all you need for the perfect summer road trip.

Apps to Help Get You There

With the wide array of smartphone apps for road tripping, you’ll be able to pack light. Just don’t forget your charger!

  • Along The Way will be the perfect companion for your road trip and will make sure you don’t miss the World’s Biggest Pez Dispenser, World’s Largest Badger or anything else you may pass. When you enter your starting point and destination, the app generates all possible routes and suggests things to do, see, and eat as you drive.
  • iExit interstate exit guide– Don’t settle for McDonald’s when there’s a ChickFilA in three exits! Is there a bathroom coming up soon? Do I have enough gas to get to the next town? This app can tell you all this and more, so you know exactly what lies ahead.
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Road Trip Meal Stops

With all that driving, you’re going to need some sustenance from time to time. One of the best parts of road trips is the food. Here’s a great list of Road Trip Stops Worth Braking For that will ensure you and your passengers have happy tummies no matter what state you’re in. Be sure to exit for Cracker Barrel (great southern cooking and a country store in one!) or whenever you see a farm stand. You’ll need some fruits and veggies to keep you going in between meals. Just make sure to get things that’ll last a while a room temperature or bring along a cooler.

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Snacks For The Road

To resist the urge to grab some junk food at every rest stop, pack some healthy road trip snacks in the trunk.

  • Trail mix is a vacation essential and will give you energy between meals. Store it and other dry goods in canning jars for each of your passengers. All the jars will fit nicely in a divided cloth wine bag from the grocery store. When jars get low you can refill them from bulk bins at the grocery store and avoid all the wasted plastic that processed foods come with.
  • Make sun tea as you drive! Fill a half gallon sized canning jar with water and a few tea bags – black tea is classic but green or white would be yummy too. Place your jar in a milk crate or clear plastic bin near the back window and it’ll be ready when you pull over for a pit stop. After distributing it between your passengers you can refill and start another batch!
  • If you have nearly empty jar of peanut butter, put some celery sticks right in the jar and dip as you drive.
  • You can also take a clean 32oz yogurt container and fill it with apple slices + a single serve yogurt or carrots + a baby food jar or ranch. No spills!


Flea Market Pit Stops

A road trip stop that’s always U-turn-worthy is a flea market. Use the interactive map from American Fleas to find a flea market on your road trip route. Leave some room in your trunk for treasures that might have to come home with you. Take a look back at our post on design blogger Emily Henderson for tips on how to incorporate vintage finds into your home.

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Perfect Road Trip Songs

Of course, no road trip would be complete without the perfect driving playlist. The right road trip playlist can mean the difference between “Are we there yet?” and an all-out-belt-it-out-party-on-wheels.

Photo thanks to flickr user Sharron Drummond.

If you have some time before you hit the road, head over to Roadtrip Mixtape, a site that allows you to enter your route, and then generates a song list for each 15 minute leg of your trip with bands that hail from the cities you’ll be passing through. Unfortunately the site doesn’t have a mobile version or an app yet, you you’ll have to upload the songs from your laptop before you leave home.

For the best road trip songs that will keep your toes tapping along any stretch of road, load up your iPod with She Knows Travel’s family friendly road trip playlist or Jetpacker’s 50 best road trip songs.


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