10 Most Hideous Windows on the Planet

We’ve seen some rough “before” photos in our day, but these ugly windows take the cake.

10 Most Hideous Windows on the Planet - Blinds.com

All images via Ugly House Photos.

1. OCD Vertical Blinds

If someone doesn’t fix that one slat we might go crazy.


2. Shine On

You’d think curtains would keep you from being blinded by the light.

Ugly Windows

3. Let’s Meet in the Middle

This artful swoop is the perfect distraction from filthy, nasty walls.

Ugly Windows

4. Always Invest in a Good Curtain Rod

High quality drapes just won’t look right with cheap hardware.

And snakes hung on the wall are always a good choice.

Ugly Window

5. Foiled Again

Knotted curtains give this kitchen a certain je ne sais quoi. Especially with a “fire retardant” wall covering.

Ugly Window

6. Something’s Knot Right

Curtains tied into a pouch give you extra storage instantly!


7. Double Decker

Vertical blinds are extra effective in a tiny 6 inch version.


8. Dripping in Red

While matching curtains and shower curtain may seem like a good idea, wait until you turn on the water. Soaking wet drapes are not a good look.

 Ugly Windows  

9. The Perfect Match

Take your bedroom back to 1992 with a matching bedspread and vertical blinds. Washed out mauve and teal keep things classy.

Ugly Windows

10. Yes, You Saw That Right

Those are farmers standing on stilts. This fabric is from the Amish amusement collection.

Ugly Windows

Bonus: Gaudiest 70s Bath Ever

What’s more luxurious than a sunken roman bath, giant floral curtains and plush red carpeting?

Ugly Window

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