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Tricky Design Problem: How to Prevent Shades from Blowing in the Wind

In the words of Bob Dylan, the answer is blowing in the wind, but in this case the wind is actually the problem.

Q: We ave recently purchased and installed nine Exterior Sheerweave Solar Shades with cassette valence systems. They are inside mount shades with removable porch screens on the outside. They have inserted metal rods in the bottom hem which is providing some weight; however, they blow into the room even with light breezes. We would like to have some sort of a clip to fasten the rod to the sill to hold them down or possibly a clip mounted on the window casing which would hold the ends of the metal rod when the shade is rolled down. Any suggestions or hardware available? – Bob P. 

A: Hi Bob, great question. First of all, congratulations on your new Exterior Sheerweaves. No doubt your home is already better insulated and cooler! For your problem, I consulted Ann W., a Design Consultant here at Blinds.com. Ann has over 15 years experience in the window treatment industry and has come across this problem before.

Here’s What She Said:

“A great solution, and one I tell a lot of customers to do, is to glue magnets to the wood post or window casing.  The benefit of doing this is they catch the bottom metal rods and help prevent them from blowing. Of course, you would need to make sure you place them in the exact place where the bar hits.  You may even want to paint them to match your railing so they become almost invisible.”


Magnet Photo Credit: Corey Holms via Compfight cc

This is a simple, cheap way to keep your blinds in place and reap the benefits of solar shades. Plus, there’s no hardware to install to ruin your view to the outside. I recommend using a ceramic round disc magnet 1/8” thick. Simply glue one to the window casing on both sides at the lowest point to which the blind hangs and you should be good to go. You can get these magnets online, or at any home improvement store.

Have a Wonderful Summer, and Happy Decorating!


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  1. You could use Knocka Stoppa's from eBay.

  2. Nathan Coughran Reply

    Or you could just go to http://www.stopnoisyblinds.com.au

  3. This will not prevent billowing of the fabric as it pulls against the secured bar and might cause fabric to stretch. The best way is to secure along the entire surface with cross tied cording in an 'X' formation threaded through eye hooks. Good luck.

  4. white Venetian blinds Reply

    This is a useful post on how to keep your blinds from blowing about. Well done.

  5. I see your problem. What about gray velcro instead of magnets? The gray will blend into the aluminum. You'll barely see it. As for the fraying on the sides, what about a piece of clear tape, thinly along the side? OR, you can try velcro there too to hold it in place when it's down so it doesn't scrape across the concrete.

  6. Keith Reply

    I have the same issue as above but have the blinds installed on my screened in patio. Since the blinds are very long (8ft), they too blow in the slighest of winds. when the shades are rolled down, they reach an aluminum bar that is placed for support. A magnet does not adhere to aluminum. What other recommendation do you have?

    Additionally, what do you recommenf i do for the edge of the blinds. On one side, i have a solid concerete wall. When the blinds wave in the winds, they scrape the wall and the blinds are starting to fray. ideas?

    Thank you.

  7. Thanks . for this informative blog .wonderfully explained 🙂

  8. Galaxy Blinds, Liverpool Reply

    A low cost and yet effective solution. Thanks for the advice.

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