Tricky Design Problem: Are Wood Blinds Available on Trapezoid Windows?


**Unfortunately Wood Blinds are no longer available for trapezoid windows. Learn more about the current options in this post: Blinds for Trapezoid Windows.**

Hi Esther,

I have a set of large living room windows that I need to cover for privacy and to
get rid of the glare on the TV. I really like the look of wood blinds. The
lower window is rectangular, so it should be easy to cover with wood blinds.
However, the two upper windows are angled at the top to match the ceiling. Is
there a way to make wood blinds work for these windows or do you have other
suggestions? I have included a photo for reference. Thank you so much for your




for your question. The picture you sent me (above) is gorgeous. We just love your windows! It’s no wonder you want to preserve the distinctive look. Odd-shaped windows are very common in contemporary homes. You don’t want to lose
the uniqueness of the window by hanging an outside mount blind or shade over
it. I can understand that, though they
present some serious challenges when finding a functional window treatment. The
good news is you can get the best of both worlds: a practical, real wood blind.
We have a number of custom wood blinds that are stylish and beautiful and are available
with the Extended Angle with moveable slats feature, pictured below:


A Design Consultant can easily custom order such a window treatment
for you. Simply give them at call at (800) 505-1905. The treatment will be
delivered right to your door, with free shipping to boot.

Take a look at our other posts on trapezoid windows for more tips and tricks:

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Of course, if you have additional questions, post ‘em in the comments below!

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  1. Chilicasa8 Reply

    Looking to price movable trapezoid wood composite blinds. Window is 46w left side height 57 right side height 77.

  2. scott slater Reply

    i called and they said that they do not even carry Hunter Douglas and they do not sell blinds for trapizoidal windows. I am dying to find some, please help. my measurements are 6"H on the left side and 37 1/2"H on the right side and 96"W.


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