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Customer Q&A: What are the Alternatives to Vertical Blinds?

Help! I’m in Need of Alternatives to Vertical Blinds

Sliding Glass Door

Sliding Glass Door via Compfight Creative Commons

Q: I have a sliding glass door that I want to cover, but I think vertical blinds are ugly. What are the alternatives? – Brad D., Los Angeles

A: Thanks for your question, it comes up a lot. Vertical blinds definitely aren’t for everyone, but we’ll be fair – they have their good qualities too! What’s great about them is they’re very sturdy, and they’ll last you a long time. If your child or rambunctious dog pulls out one of the vanes, it’s easy to replace. Plus, they block light and heat well when they’re closed. However, vertical blinds are very traditional. If you’re looking for something more modern, there’s plenty of other options. Here are my top picks for vertical blind alternatives:

Blinds.com Woven Wood Sliding Panels

Why They’re Awesome:

Woven Wood Sliding Panels are an energy-efficient, eco-friendly, and fashionable way to decorate large glass walls or sliding glass doors. They’re always a conversation piece because they’re quite striking, and not many people are familiar with them. What people love about woven woods shades, they also love about the sliding panels. They’re crafted from bamboo, sisal, rattan, reeds, grasses, and wood, and give the room that natural, modern feel. Light will filter in when they’re closed, but damaging UV rays will be blocked out. Keep in mind that each material is different; some provide more privacy than others. Order free samples before you buy to ensure the panels meet your privacy needs!

An anonymous reviewer from Jenera, OH said:

“I would change NOTHING as we are very very happy with the blinds and the panels for the sliding door, they are just beautiful and the fit, well lets see, what can I say, they could not fit any better! My sun room is awesome now and the blinds are the conversation when anyone enters the new room! Thank you!”

Blinds.com Solid Vinyl Sliding Panels

Why They’re Awesome:

Solid Vinyl Sliding Panels are attractive and easy to use and install. They’re available in a variety of colors, so you have flexibility in your choice. These instantly cool the room down by blocking UV rays and direct sun.

Our Customer “Macey” said this about the Vinyl Sliding Panels:

“What a great way to cover a huge patio door. The sliding panels are so much classier than the old vertical blinds. They stack perfect and slide ever so easy. My only regret is that I waited so long to make the change. The panels look AWESOME!”

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  1. Anna Reply

    I ordered windows and doors with blinds in them. Even Sliding glass doors have tiny blinds and I can tilt or raise and lower. They offer the option of room darkening shades too. Blinds can we swapped out at any time for any other color or style.

  2. ashlor Reply

    dangit esther, i wish i would have seen this. my new apt has ugly vertical blinds and these would be way better! 🙁 oh well. lylas

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