Trending Towards Solar Shades in 2009, Sunglasses for your Windows

Get this: Solar Shades increased in popularity nearly 63%
from 2007 to 2008. Why is this small category experiencing rapid growth? Because
they do a fantastic job of blocking solar heat – energy savings, woohoo! The room will literally cool down the instant you
hang the shade. They are one of the best and most popular options for reducing
glare on your flat screen television and computer monitor (which is why Starbucks uses them), and they protect your furniture, carpet, and paint from fading in the sun. They’re one of
the only modern/contemporary products that accomplishes all of these things…
without breaking the bank.

Bali Solar Shade in Tropics Rattan

Usually made from semi-sheer vinyl material, they roll up
tightly, giving you an unobstructed view to the street when you want it. They’re
usually neutral in color – though colorful or patterned Solar Shades are gaining popularity
as well – and won’t detract from your décor, if that’s important to you. They
look fabulous with other window treatments, like valances and drapery panels.
Most are available cordless, if you don’t
want pesky cords dangling down, distracting from your design, or
endangering your kids. Another reason they’re so popular is because they’re
affordable and easy to install. You literally screw in two brackets and pop the
shade in place. It’s super easy, but give them impression that you spent hours.

Chic Essentials Roman Fold Solar Shade

Solar shades are very versatile; they’ll work for you if you
need inside or outside mounted shades. Luckily, they’re very narrow, and will
usually fit inside of your window frame, even if you don’t have a lot of depth.

These Solar Shades are mounted as two on one headrail with
the beaded cord lift option:

Premium Sheerweave Solar Shade

Premium Sheerweave Solar Shade

Some creative ideas:

1. Install Solar
Shades over your screen door. Leave the screen open and pull the shade down in the
summer so you can still see and hear your kids playing in the backyard without
harsh heat flowing in.

Premium Sheerweave Solar Shade

2. Cover large
windows with Solar Shades. Usually less expensive than other products, they’ll
get the job done and look good doing it. This makes them perfect for apartment

Economy Sheerweave Solar Shade

3. Cover sun room
windows. Most people think sun room windows are impossible to cover… they’re
not. Solar shades are available in very large sizes. Order than extra long and
extra wide for full coverage when you want it.

Premium Sheerweave Solar Shade

A great customer
posted this comment about the Economy Sheerweave Solar Shade , and it made me smile:

I purchased
this blind for my Mother-In-Law who has Macular Degeneration. Before the blind
was installed, she was closing her living room draperies all day to avoid the
glare from the sun and snow. After the blind was installed She can see through
it without a glare or hurting her eyes. She is very happy that she can watch
the birds and squirrels again! I am very happy that this has helped her so
much. Thank You for offering a product that has given her some quality of sight

Style, quality, and capability
make this one of the most popular and still-growing categories. Give one a try
and see what you think.

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