Trending Towards Brightly Colored Window Treatments in 2009

Though whites, off-whites, and standard wood stains will
never lose their appeal in decorator and designer circles, a noticeable rebirth
in color is making its way into traditional window treatment trends. Draperies
have always been a popular way to add color to a room, as have roman shades,
but shoppers are beginning to notice that blinds can make a similar impact. No
longer do designers and homeowners feel restricted to using traditional window
treatment colors. Many products are available in a myriad of shades, and window
treatments are a fun (and temporary, if necessary) way to creatively add a
burst of personality to a room. Those who gravitate towards muted beiges and
off-whites are tossing green or yellow blinds into the mix to liven up existing
décor. Cellular shades, aluminum blinds, pleated shades and roller shades offer
the most color choices, though we are beginning to see wood and fauxwood blinds
in distinctive hues.

Bali Northern Lights Honeycomb Cellular Shade

 Pantone announced its Color of the Year 2009 to be Mimosa
Yellow; expect to see yellow appearing in everything from wallpaper to window
treatments, blinds included.

Levolor 7/16" Designer Double Cell Honeycomb Shade

You’ll also begin to see pristine white rooms with all white
furniture. Brightly colored blinds and shades will be the focal point, putting
a new spin on country cottage décor.
 It will not be uncommon to see new hues in formal sitting areas: 1/2" Micro Aluminum Blind

Some rooms will be downright kooky, but will still exude beauty
and elegance. This mimosa yellow and lilac room exemplifies the designs we will see in 2009.

Levolor 9/16" Designer Single Cell

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    I never would have thought to do purple and yellow together. It's very different, but it's cool! Nice idea!

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