Trend: Dark Finishes

One of my super-favorite shelter blogs out there (besides, ahem, THIS ONE) is ShelterPop. Sort of obsessed. They're always a step ahead of the curve when it comes to trendspotting, and today's ShelterPop post only further solidifies that sentiment. They're talking kitchen trends, and who doesn't love a gorgeous, functional kitchen? The experts at National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) convene once a year to discuss what's new and notable in the marketplace, and the first one mentioned on ShelterPop's list is dark finishes.

My love for dark finishes knows no bounds. It doesn't surprise me that NKBA's report is picking up on this trend because we're seeing this same trend in the window covering space. Espresso-stained wood blinds, and even black wood blinds, are on the rise in popularity. Dark fauxwood blinds are a great way to incorprate this trend into your home quickly and easily without spending a forture. Plus, fauxwood blinds hold up incredibly well in rooms like kitchens that often experience higher levels of heat and humidity.

Below, a little espresso-tinged inspiration for you!

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Levolor 2" Premium Wood Blinds in Ebony

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Bali 1 1/2" Northern Neights Shutter-Style Wood Blinds in Coffee

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    soooo pretty!!

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    the middle picture is my favorite, that's the perfect color for my living room

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