Top tips for great summer photos

Summer photo tips photo by Flickr user megnphotography

Photo thanks to Flickr user megnphotography

Oh the hazy days of summer with all of its adventures, road trips and grilling recipe discoveries.

As part of our ongoing Sizzlin’ Summer Energy Savings series with our friends at Bounce Energy, this week we’re looking at how to best celebrate the smokin’ hot summer months with cool summer photos!

How to take the best summer photos

Shooting photos of people– The best summer memories are based around the people you spend it with, here are a few tips for capturing even the most camera shy of friends and family:

  • Keep it candid!  Be ‘that guy’ that is constantly shooting photos before anyone realizes it to capture the most genuine moments and smiles of your get-togethers.  Keep your camera charged and ready to shoot, as that perfect moment may last but a second!
  • Go crazy with group shots – After taking your typical ‘tall in back, short in front, say cheese’ group shot, ask for a ninja, pirate, jumping or group hug  pose just for fun.  Loosen up that group and get ready to have lots of great shots to share later on.
  • Keep snapping – Some of the best group shots happen after your subjects think they’re off the hook.  Capture those extra funny smiles, faces and high fives immediately after your ‘official’ shot is done.  The more you shoot, the more you have to select from (so pack an extra memory card or two!).

Landscape photo tips – No one wants to see yet another Disney castle or Eiffel tower in the distance photo.  Make your summer trip memories be totally you by considering your angles and perspectives when shooting landscape or landmark photos.  Arrive early to avoid the crowds, find a nearby building for a higher viewpoint or frame your shot creatively with other points of interest nearby.

It’s all in the details– Don’t forget to snap the ‘little things’ of your summer adventures to keep these days fresh in your memory.  The cute table setting for a 4th of July party, a pile of colorful wrapping paper after a birthday, wine glasses clinking, family feet burrowed in the sand – you get the idea.

Share some of your favorite summer photo links in the comments below!

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