Think YOU have it hot? Summer video fun

Sahara heat

Photo thanks to Flickr user Modern_Nomad

As part of our Sizzlin’ Summer series with Bounce Energy, this week we’re looking at some of the toastiest spots on the planet.  Think that YOU have it hot?  Maybe not after watching some of these fun sizzlin’ summer videos!

Night time is a hot summer day’s best friend, but imagine enjoying the Icelandic sights in full light for 24 hours a day, thanks to the blazing midnight sun:

A dip in the pool is great for anyone on a hot day – imagine how great a quick splash feels for the elephants at the Houston Zoo?

Appreciate your sub-136 degree weather with a look at the jaw droppingly beautiful (and steamy) Sahara desert:

Sure it’s snowy outside, but these chilled out Japanese macaques are living it up in the hot-hot-heat are still living it up in a Japanese hot springs park.  Would you go swimming with these little guys?


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