The designer look of eco-friendly bamboo blinds

It seems a bit strange, calling these blinds “matchstick blinds,” but it’s one of their many aliases. They’re the last thing you’d want catching on fire in your home, considering their all-natural construction. Also known as bamboo blinds, bamboo shades and woven wood blinds, these shades are made of beautiful, organic materials. Popular patterns usually come in combinations of woods, grasses, reeds, and trendy rattan, sisal, and seagrass. Million dollar decorators everywhere have been touting the high fashion look of adding a touch of sisal to modern decor. These materials are eco-friendly and chic at the same time for green homeowners. By choosing to put them on your windows instead of on your floors – sisal rugs are very popular right now – or elsewhere, you’ll get this designer look for less.

Here are a few of my favorite bamboo blinds looks:

LV NS Bath_dSM

Levolor Woven Wood Shades are ideal for bathrooms. Shown here: Levolor Natural Woven Wood Shades.

M&B Bamboo Bay Woven Woods Rs2

A gorgeous brightly-colored kitchen is offset by dark wood woven wood shades.


Not just available in wood tones, woven woods can also be white. The white wood creates a nautical feel. Shown here: Bali Woven Wood Shades.


Bamboo blinds pair well with drapery panels. Shown here: Premium Woven Wood Shades.

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