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Safer Home Part 2: Safe Nursery Decor and Childproofing Tips


Nursery decor is about more than choosing giraffes or hot air balloons for a theme. Here are a few nursery safety tips that’ll keep your baby’s room stylish and safe. Look Out For Hidden Chemicals Paints and furniture stains...

Nursery Decor Fit For Royalty – Will and Kate’s Style For The New Heir


As the world welcomes his Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge, Sources close to the royal couple say that Will and Kate, “have a small nursery prepped, but it’s humble.” Whether royally extravagant, or as affordable as some of Kate’s...

Alternatives to Enclosed Door Blinds You Can Install Yourself


Learn About Enclosed Door Blinds Because of their popularity with home improvement channels and custom home builders, the enclosed door blind trend has spread like wildfire over the last few years. Many builders or homeowners will choose a door...