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How Do You Clean Faux Wood Blinds?

how to clean faux wood blinds

  Q: How do you clean faux wood blinds? – Jackie L. A: With our Easy Clean Duster! In addition to cleaning several slats at once, it cleans both sides of the slats at the same time. You can...

What are Embossed Faux Wood Blinds?

embossed vs smoothblog

Q: What are embossed faux wood blinds? – Kathy J. A: Embossed Faux Wood Blinds are the same as standard faux wood blinds. However, instead of smooth slats, the slats have etched markings to resemble real wood. For example,...

2 Ways to Let in More Light for Spring

let light in for spring

Spring sunshine has arrived and all we want to do is be on a patio soaking it up. We need some Vitamin D to lift our spirits after this tough winter. But alas, many are locked away indoors all day....