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Tips for Installing Plantation Shutters (Even in Non-Square Windows!)

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You’d be hard pressed to find a window that’s perfectly square. Aging homes, shifting foundations and less than perfect construction are just a few contributing factors. Plantation shutters can be especially effected by out-of-square windows which cause doors to...

Crafty at Home – Spirograph Upcycling


Do you still have a spirograph somewhere in the back of your closet? “Spiromania” really hit the US when it was introduced as a creative children’s toy in 1966. Kids have been going to town creating psychadelic, geeky designs...

Crafty at Home – Melted Crayon Window Garland


Download Printable Instructions Here! We had some old crayons laying around and Cupid is coming soon! So, we couldn’t resist breaking out the craft supplies for a Valentines Day DIY Video. If your windows need a little extra prettiness,...