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Nerd-tastic Valentines that Celebrate Geek Love


In love with a nerd? Even a heart frozen in carbonite will be warmed by these sci-fi, fantasy and all around nerd-tastic valentines. For the Chemistry Lovers Use the periodic table to spell out quirky and sweet notes any...

Make a Valentine’s Day Banner with Crafty at Home

valentines banner

Spread some love at home with a simple felt banner for Valentine’s Day. It’s tempting to pick up new seasonal decor every year, but that can get awfully pricey. Why now make this year’s holiday decor?  You’ll save lots and can...

We <3 Your Home - Share Your Home Love Story


Do you remember the moment when you walked in to your home and knew it was “the one”? Did you fall in love with the big oak tree out front where kids could play, the dining room that was...