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Get Your Windows Ready for the Super Bowl

collThe countdown is in the single digits for The Big Game. You’ve got a snack-tastic menu planned that will rock the coffee table, and have plastered the house with your team’s colors, but are your windows ready? The planets have aligned so that kickoff will coincide exactly with sunset in many cities across the nation. Your monster sized TV won’t do you any good if there’s a huge glare on the screen coming from due west. Get Your Man Cave Game Day Ready Block out glare and protect gadgets that can be damaged by the sun with these top notch roller shades. When you choose the motorized lift system you can turn your living room into game time central with…

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Football Food for the Big Game – Crabby Cities Face Off

r January 24, 2013 | B DIY Projects, Seasonal Trends

Whether it’s the Big Game or showing off your new kitchen blinds that’s got you hungry, it’s time to start strategizing for your dinner table line up. Others may be taking the brother battle angle when it comes to the game, but the real rivalry is a gastronomic one between two cities lousy with crabs. West and East coasters have divided loyalties between San Francisco’s bigger, flakier dungeness crabs and Baltimore’s smaller, sweeter blue crabs. Why not take the battle from the gridiron to the table and set these two crustaceans head to head? Baltimore Blues, or should we say Purples… Baltimore is known for it’s soft shell blue crabs, caught fresh from Chesapeake Bay. Give Ravens fans a taste of home with…

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