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5 Ways to Make your Summer More Awesome

Eclectic Patio by Jary Ralston via Houzz

Can you believe that summer is already halfway over? We can’t – to make sure you make the most of the sunny days we have left, we’ve rounded up our 5 favorite posts about the season. 1. Our Ultimate Summer Road Trip Guide In this blog post you’ll find every essential necessary for a road trip: apps to tell you where to stop along your drive, healthy road-trip snacks, and the best playlists to get those sing-a-longs started. If you’re planning on taking a summer road trip anytime soon – this post is for you! 2. Tips for Summer Design: Outside in, Inside Out The summer is all about soaking up that sun, so why not update your home decor and make…

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Playing in the Sand at the AIA Sandcastle Competition

r June 4, 2013 | B Culture

Imagine a gathering of over 50 Houston-area architecture, design and engineering firms. Now imagine that this gathering takes place on the beach and that all of the firms are competing – for who can build the best sandcastle. It’s not your everyday business convention. Lucky for us this is a real event; the AIA Sandcastle Competition happens every year at East Beach in Galveston, TX. Rachel, the new Marketing & Social Media intern was fortunate enough to get an inside look at the competition and help build with the firm PDG Architects. She was so excited about her day at the beach that she wanted to share her experience with the community: I had no idea that sandcastle-construction could be so complex….

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Top tips for great summer photos

r July 24, 2012 | B Seasonal Trends

Oh the hazy days of summer with all of its adventures, road trips and grilling recipe discoveries. As part of our ongoing Sizzlin’ Summer Energy Savings series with our friends at Bounce Energy, this week we’re looking at how to best celebrate the smokin’ hot summer months with cool summer photos! How to take the best summer photos Shooting photos of people- The best summer memories are based around the people you spend it with, here are a few tips for capturing even the most camera shy of friends and family: Keep it candid!  Be ‘that guy’ that is constantly shooting photos before anyone realizes it to capture the most genuine moments and smiles of your get-togethers.  Keep your camera…

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