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Introducing our Summer Intern Rachel: Her Thoughts on Blinds.com


Maybe you’ve already read some of my posts or maybe you’re meeting me for the first time! Either way, I wanted to talk about my experience thus far at Blinds.com and share a little about myself: Now that I’ve...

Crafty at Home Projects – Collect Them All!


Want to save our DIY projects for the next time you’re feeling crafty? Download the printable instructions and have them on hand the next time inspiration strikes. Add them to your real-life craft room cork board or your virtual...

Crafty at Home – Spirograph Upcycling


Do you still have a spirograph somewhere in the back of your closet? “Spiromania” really hit the US when it was introduced as a creative children’s toy in 1966. Kids have been going to town creating psychadelic, geeky designs...