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Design Blogs We Love.

r February 20, 2013 | B Design Links, Home Decor

Here are a few of our favorite designers, remodelers and DIY amateurs who are all creating beautiful homes and blogging about it. Design blogs are our favorite place to find inspiration, especially when they’re run by innovative, decorating geniuses like these three. Enjoy! Little Green Notebook Jenny Komenda is a New York based Designer who has been featured in Elle Decor, Vogue, Better Homes and Gardens, and tons of other big name publications. We love that she takes unruly spaces and makes them look crazy chic. A perfect example is her tiny NYC bedroom (pictured above) that she transformed into a space to remember with Bavarian Forest walls and a coral velvet headboard. Plus, she gives awesome tutorials that look…

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4 Ideas for a Happier Kitchen – Pinterest Fab 4

Put Some Pep Into Your Food Prep! 1. Paint Your Cabinets Sea Glass Green- Although Emerald is the darling of the design world right now, it’s softer cousin, Sea Glass, is sweeping the fashion community with it’s throwback feel. Where Emerald energizes, Sea Glass brings serenity. On cabinets, this jadeite hue will give your kitchen nostalgic charm, and will calm even the most hectic meals.   2. Create an Herb Garden With Old Tea Tins – Caring for plants has been proven to reduce stress. Seeing something green in your life, especially during a dreary winter, will give you a mood boosting connection to nature. Save money at the grocery store by starting an herb garden on your kitchen windowsill….

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