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Sheer Beauty – New! Cellular Shades with Trilight


Find the perfect balance between privacy and a great view.  Get a sheer pleated shade and cellular shade in one with our new Trilight option. If you love the look of our best top down bottom up shades but need more security, this is...

Energy Loss In Homes: Save Money With Proper Insulation [Infographic]


With summer temperatures climbing you may be dreading that next AC bill. Did you know that up to 25% of your home’s energy can escape through windows and doors? Proper insulation can make a big impact on energy loss,...

How to Winterize your Home for A Cozier Winter


Winter has arrived in full force, and in order to keep things cozy and warm it’s important to insulate your home against piercing drafts. These simple steps will help you winterize your home so your family will stay comfortable...