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What is the Difference Between Single Cellular Shades and Double Cellular Shades?

single cell

Honeycomb Cellular Shades have a lot to offer.  With a wide range of colors, light filtering and room darkening fabrics, and advanced lift options – the custom combinations are endless!  However, many customers aren’t sure when to choose single...

Sheer Beauty – New! Cellular Shades with Trilight


Find the perfect balance between privacy and a great view.  Get a sheer pleated shade and cellular shade in one with our new Trilight option. If you love the look of our best top down bottom up shades but need more security, this is...

Discontinued Cellular Shades – Last Chance to Order!


  Finish Your Room Before They’re Gone! Want to keep a consistent look in your home? If you ordered Blinds.com Brand 3/8″ Double Cell Light Filtering Shades or 3/8″ Double Cell Blackout Shades, order now to get matching colors for...