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DIY Lace Cut Frosted Window Film (VIDEO)

lace cut

Etched glass is a huge trend for DIY home decor. People are using etching chemicals to create permanent designs and labels on drinking glasses, glass storage containers and mirrors. Today we’re using Etched Window Film from to get...

Make a Valentine’s Day Banner with Crafty at Home

valentines banner

Spread some love at home with a simple felt banner for Valentine’s Day. It’s tempting to pick up new seasonal decor every year, but that can get awfully pricey. Why now make this year’s holiday decor?  You’ll save lots and can...

Vertical Blinds get handyman stamp of approval: a real customer story


We love passionate do-it-yourselfers!  Meet our friend Mr. FIX IT who started his home improvement YouTube Channel to give tutorials about housekeeping tasks. After struggling to find blinds that fit this odd-shaped window at local stores Mr. FIX IT turned to...