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Clean Love! 5 Quick Tips from BrightNest

r February 14, 2013 | B DIY Projects, Home Decor

It’s the little things that often get left behind in home maintenance. Who has time to clean grout and fix a smelly garbage disposal? ¬†Give your home some TLC this Valentine’s Day with 10 easy maintenance ideas from BrightNest. BrightNest is the ultimate resource for new or veteran homeowners. Their mission is to make homeowners happy with tips and tools to shape up your home and simplify your life. Find delicious recipes, organization and cleaning tips, and super smart maintenance hacks over at the nest.   Clean a Smelly Garbage Disposal Got a mystery stink that’s driving you batty? Your garbage disposal may have lingering food residue that’s the culprit. De-stink in seconds with baking soda and a lemon. You…

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