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NEW! Cordless Lift and Lock Cellular Shades

Room - Lift and Lock

We’d like to tell you about an awesome new option that’s… (drumroll please) COMPLETELY FREE! It’s called Cordless Lift and Lock and it’s available with our Signature Cellular Shades. When you choose Cordless Lift and Lock for your cellular shades,...

Nursery Blackout Shades Mean Extra Sleep for Mom

Blackout shades for nursery

Moms are sleep deprived enough with 4 am feedings interrupting their nights. The last thing they need is the sun cutting nap time short or waking up babies WAY too early. New mom Shannon, who writes at Sweet Stellas,...

The Dos and Don’ts of Cordless Blinds


No matter how insignificant it may seem, intuitive design can remove many of life’s little headaches add to stress and frustration. Have you ever made a fool of yourself jerking a blinds cord from side to side trying to...