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How to Decorate for Thanksgiving Guests!

r November 19, 2012 | B Home Decor, Seasonal Trends

If you’ll be playing host to Thanksgiving guests soon it’s important to make your house look beautiful and comfortable for out-of-towners. Many of us save holiday prep until the last minute, so we’re bringing you seasonal ideas that serve double duty- They’ll add festive holiday cheer while making guests feel welcome and special. Get the Guest Room(s) in Ship Shape First thing’s first- make sure that beds are made, bathrooms are clean, and junk is stowed elsewhere. A sparse guest room is better than one that’s morphed into a storage room over the last few months. It’s ok to stash stuff under beds and in closets, guests won’t notice and will appreciate having room to move around. Go the extra…

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Pinterest Fab 4: how to win at weekends

r September 14, 2012 | B Pinterest Faves

  If the daily grind is wearing you thin, it may be time to get away for a weekend. Make the most of your momentary hiatus from routine and get out there with these (insanely cute) Pinterest finds! 1. Weekend getaway travel guide- You’ll get more than a few ideas for surprising places to visit with this 36 Hour weekend travel guide from The New York Times. It is a collection of Lady Gray’s travel column that will help you uncover locales with character and charm, and tells you how to tackle them in 2 and a half day with practical itineraries. 2. The perfect weekender bag- Tote your weekend essentials in style with this on-trend navajo printed wool and leather bag. Luggage…

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Ultimate Eco Summer Kitchen

As we continue our Sizzlin’ Summer series with Bounce Energy, this week we’ve collected a few tips and tricks for the ultimate eco summer kitchen. During the dog days of summer, nothing helps you cool off and stay hydrated better than fruits and veggies packed with H2O.  Apples, apricots, beets, bell peppers, cherries, blackberries, and cantaloupe are just a few of the farm stand finds that are at their peak in late summer across the country. A great way to make your time in the kitchen a little more green is to shop local. Exorbitant amounts of fuel are used to ship produce across the country, so it’s a huge help to the environment and a great way to support local farmers if you…

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