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7 Bloggers You Should Know (BlogHer 13′)

r August 13, 2013 | B Design Links

I had the privilege to jet off to Chicago a few weeks ago in order to attend BlogHer 2013 with 5000 other female bloggers (and a few brave men). I haven’t felt that much concentrated girl-power-spirit since the summers in college I worked at an all girls camp. This was like sleep-away camp on steroids where you recognize your cabin mates from Pinterest and arts and crafts is replaced by video editing workshops.   I was able to hear messages of encouragement from thought leaders and I left feeling¬†amazingly inspired. Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius said that even in a caretaker roll, women cannot not afford to put their health last, as so many do. ¬†Guy Kawasaki…

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