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A Secret Tour: Detroit’s Forgotten Architectural Landmarks

r August 2, 2013 | B Home Decor

It’s strange to think that many once iconic landmarks across the nation now stand dilapidated and abandoned. Detroit is home to one of the most stunning collections of pre-depression architecture in the world.With decades of sweeping urban flight and a plummeting population, many of these treasures sit vacant, waiting for economic revival. Through a little bit of urban exploration, David Kohrman chronicles the current state of a few of these landmarks at Forgotten Detroit. Let’s take a walk through a few of these once-grand monuments. Michigan Central Depot In the early 20th century this train depot and shopping arcade was constructed in the beaux-arts neoclassical style. It was modeled after an ancient Roman bathhouse with an impressive vaulted ceiling. Passenger traffic to the…

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Playing in the Sand at the AIA Sandcastle Competition

r June 4, 2013 | B Culture

Imagine a gathering of over 50 Houston-area architecture, design and engineering firms. Now imagine that this gathering takes place on the beach and that all of the firms are competing – for who can build the best sandcastle. It’s not your everyday business convention. Lucky for us this is a real event; the AIA Sandcastle Competition happens every year at East Beach in Galveston, TX. Rachel, the new Marketing & Social Media intern was fortunate enough to get an inside look at the competition and help build with the firm PDG Architects. She was so excited about her day at the beach that she wanted to share her experience with the community: I had no idea that sandcastle-construction could be so complex….

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Window Treatments for Historic Homes

Many dedicated DIYers and history lovers around the country are nursing historical homes back to health. In order to meet the requirements of local historical societies, or just to maintain the old world feel of your abode, you may want to find window treatments that accurately reflect the original decor of the home. Today we’re bringing you window treatments for historic homes that have today’s technology and durability, but will still speak to the period look of your home. Take a walk through the major eras of American architectural with us and find the historical window treatment that’s right for your old house Colonial Colonial style houses were built from 1600 to the 19th century, although this school of design…

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