Summer Home Fashion Event, Part 2 – Modern Home Decorating & How to Get the Look

This is part 2 in the Summer Home Fashion Event Series. Take a look at Part 1: Rustic Home Decorating and How to Get the Look

Sleek, clean lines and minimalist furniture are often the cornerstones
for modern décor as we know it. A sort of rebellion to the opulent – and popular – mid-century modern
décor, modern interior design is marked with shades of
beige and crisp whites, mirrored and beautifully contoured furniture, and surprising
splashes of color. You’ll also find black furniture, and darker wood tones to
contrast white, beige, and tan base colors. It is often the most popular design
style among young homeowners and professionals because young people tend to be
more metropolitan and city-savvy, living in lofts, high-rises, and town homes. Not
only is it chic, it is also functional. A minimalist approach to decorating
keeps homeowners from having an abundance of furniture to clean. Less
draperies, less throw blankets, less tablecloths are all key components to successful
modern design; adopt the “Less is More” motto.

Window treatments enhance modern home design in mainly two
ways. They can either stand as a focal point in a room, serving as the pop of
color in an all-neutral space, or they can blend into the background, barely
noticed, lending themselves to function rather than form. Get inspired below:


The neutral tones of this room are offset by the fiery burnt orange wall color. This room utilizes metal-framed furniture and a little dark wood. The metal wall art can be found at any Pier 1 or Bed Bath and Beyond. The pleated shades used here are barely noticeable, yet they’ll protect the furniture and wood flooring from harmful UV rays.


Mirrored furniture and geometric shapes are very popular. Here you see a mirrored end table topped by a glass lamp. The black cellular shade contrast beautifully with the stark whites and glassy, reflective furniture. A perfect example of modern design.


In this case, the pleated shades are the focal point. The tie-in is one simple reddish vase. The rest of the furniture – and even the artwork – is neutral.


Most people would not consider vertical blinds to be a modern choice, but as window walls become more popular, homeowners turn to this option because it has the ability to cover large amounts of space without distracting from a room. In this very modern setting the vertical lines created by these blinds don’t clutter the space, but do add texture.


A modern bathroom is a perfect place for a top down / bottom up cellular shade. Top down / bottom up shades work well in rooms where you need more privacy. Light pours in through the top while you protect yourself from thos neighbors. Cellular shades are available in so many colors and virtually disappear when they’re raised. Choose a neutral color that blends in well.

Modern-nantuck-shade Nantucked Sheer Shadings are modern alternatives to cellular shades. The large pleats and sheer materials allow light to filter in gently. They’re also great for large walls of windows. They create an airiness in a room that no other type of blind can duplicate.


Shutters are the luxury window treatment that can work with nearly any type of decor. For modern decor, choose large louvers.


Woven woods create a happy dissonance between minimalist design and a sense of nature. Notice the taupes that dominate this room are tempered by the earthiness of these bamboo shades. The shades take center stage, though they enhance the variety of taupe shades utilized here. More popular than ever, woven wood shades are a sure bet.


Solar shades are by far the largest growing category of any blind or shade available. Not only are they functional by virtually blocking UV rays, but they are by far the most minimalist choice. Made of one piece of material, if you want to be surrounded by clean lines, solar shades are a must-buy.

To find modern furniture, shop in-store at any number of places. If you’d rather find anything you’d ever need to create a modern paradise, I suggest
you check out Design Within Reach. DWR is the premiere online boutique for
modern furniture. They carry Eames chairs, Emeco Kong armchairs,  the Knoll Platner collection, plus many more pieces to drive Interior Designers into a tizzy. They carry plenty of options for
those of you who don’t mind a hefty price tag. If you’re looking for something affordable, the Design Within Reach Basics Collection was created with the mindset that “good design should be within the reach of everyone.” Here are a few of my modern faves:


Eames Molded Plastic Side Chair


Bantam Sofa


Eclipse Nesting Tables


Saarinen Round Dining Table

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  1. What an awesome selection of different types of blinds for different types of application. I like the fact that blinds generally are minimalist, and don't harbor dust and dust mites like curtains and drapes do.

  2. I never thought that windows can make a room more beautiful if designed perfectly!

  3. I know, Eames chairs are really pricey. What I would do with unlimited resourses… Eames and Barcelona chairs everywhere!


  4. The plastic side chair is soooo expensive. I like the tulip chairs though. Those are very pretty

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