Summer design: outside in, inside out

Movie screening yard fun

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Updating your home décor with the seasons is a great way to change the look and feel in your home on a budget with an extra accent piece or two – and often without even spending a dime!

Getting your home ready for summer is all about re-purposing furniture, re-arranging your favorite accent pieces and adding a little season-appropriate color to make it extra special.  Here are a couple of ideas to get you going:

Make the outdoors livable!

Make your porch, patio or yard an enticing place to relax and host friends.  Whether it’s the kids swimming in the pool, a grill party or inviting a neighborhood pal for a mojito

Living With Punks blog pillow tutorial

Via Living With Punks blog

Get cozy outdoor seating!  Cover your living room floor pillows in outdoor-friendly material to ensure hours of lounging, reading and cloud shape viewing.  This backyard addition is crucial for summer success if you don’t have a good hammock spot!

You can pick up some super cheap pillows at IKEA, pay pennies for garage sale pillows (they’ll be on the ground after all) or replace your wilted pillows at home (finally) without feeling guilty.

Feeling crafty?  Check out this tutorial to make your own mock boxed cushions or go a  little fancier with this DIY ‘Land-of-Nod’ inspired cushion.

Create an outdoor kitchen and eating space

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Create a summer-only outdoor eating space!  With all of the handheld and drippy/sloppy/messy food that comes with summer barbeques, a rustic and simple outdoor eating space is absolutely called for.

Recycled pallet dining room table

Via Home DIT

Look for a shady corner that is convenient to both your grill and your kitchen (or you pool if that’s where your summer life is centered) – why not transform a carport into a bohemian lounge for the summer?  Or turn a pile of pallets into cool furniture

Glass yard art

Via Etsy user jarmfarm

Fill your yard with fun surprises 

We love attending garden parties with unexpected yard art, paper lanterns, candles and gorgeous homemade napkin rings.  Use an old glass pitcher as a flower vase, discover new uses for old glass bottles or embrace your kitschy side and host a flamingo themed garden party for fun and backyard color.

Put marbles in your fence

Via DecorHacks

Need some mood lighting?  Dig out those white Christmas lights for ambient evening light or drill some holes in your fencing to fill with colored marbles for colorful sun play during the day – have fun with it!

drawer garden summer design idea

Via Belle Inspirations

Mix and match your indoor and outdoor furniture

It’s amazing how well indoor pieces can adapt outside or on a covered porch – and vice versa.  Even the oldest and most battered piece in your home can look enchanting with a couple of pots of basil and some summer flair.

Modern patio furniture

Via Home Interior Designed

Grab an ornate mirror and hang it on your patio, install fabulous drapes on your porch to block the midday sun, swap your patio and kitchen chairs just for fun and grow to love indoor-outdoor rugs.

Sweep yard sales for wicker furniture to paint in vibrant colors or give new life to furniture that’s on its way out of your home (here’s how to bring it back inside when you’re done!).

Let your kiddos have fun with paint, markers and decals for an afternoon project – they’ll never be more proud to sit still at dinner than on one of their own creations.

What are your favorite ways to decorate the outdoors for the summer?

If you’re dreading the hot summer sun, don’t forget to check out our outdoor-friendly solar shades!  They’re like sunglasses for your windows, how snazzy.

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