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Bobbleheads are a central part of the culture. They’re scattered around the office and we even have a meeting room dedicated to them! Why? Read on to find out.

As many of you may have noticed from our Facebook excitement we have recently moved into a brand new office. It’s a state of the art space that we think speaks perfectly to our quirky, fun-loving culture. If you come take a visit someday, you’ll find a lot of unexpected surprises hidden in these halls. Until then, we’ll let you get acquainted with our space through a virtual office tour.


A room that keeps us nodding along happily during the work day is the Bobbleheads room. This whimsical meeting space is an ode to a event early in the history. Let’s go back in time to find out how it all started.


Bobbleheads – A History

In 2007, only had 67 employees (we’re now pushing 200) and occupied an office that was about a quarter the size of our current one. At the annual holiday party, our CEO Jay Steinfeld is notorious for giving unique gifts to the staff. That year Jay stood before the group and told the story of the company’s beginnings. He and two other employees did it all in his first brick and mortar store, Laura’s Draperies.




Jay called up his longest serving employee, Ann, and as a way of saying thanks for her service since way back when, he presented her with a look-a-like bobblehead dressed as superwoman. Jay thanked Ann for being like a superhero, and helping to bring the company to the place it was that day.


ann bobblehead


Jay thanked the rest of the employees for their contribution to the company’s growth over the years. He said that each one of them was like a brick a the wall, helping to hold the company together. Jay passed out a ‘brick’ to each employee. When they unwrapped the ‘brick’ paper, inside was a custom look-a-like bobblehead for everyone!





“You know you have arrived when you get your own bobble head!!” ~Sarah B.




Jay went on to say how grateful he was for each employee individually, and that he considered everyone at a superhero.




In order to pull off this surprise, Jay and office photographer Dixie had spent weeks taking photos of every employee under the pretense of putting together an employee directory. A few people were confused by why the company would need front and profile photos of everyone, but no one suspected their real purpose!




Still Bobbling Along has come a long way since two employees in a drapery shop, and even further beyond the 67 employees in 2007. Here’s what a few of our resident ‘bobbleheads’ have to say about where the company has gone since then.

Sarah + Bobblehead

“The year we got our bobbleheads was the same year that our workforce doubled! It was our biggest growth to date.  I actually remember feeling afraid.  My fear was that with so many more people joining our team that we would soon lose the camaraderie and family feel we had created. I was elated to think that Jay and Ann might have shared in this same fear and soon thereafter created the Culture Committee!!” ~ Sarah

Started in 2007, the culture committee is a group of awesome Blinds.commers who plan office events, hang outs, and keep the Blinds.complex a little kookier than in other offices.


Chris + bobblehead

“Every day that I come to work, I learn and I’ve developed the knack for finding value in any situation.  We learn from our mentors, we learn from our peers, we learn from our employees and we learn from each other’s’ mistakes.  I’ve not only grown professionally over the past 10 years, but I really think I’m a better person too.  Thank you,!” ~ Chris B. 


Dixie + Bobblehead

“I remember transporting my curly haired Bobblehead home and some of her hair breaking off, I glued her back together and no one can tell. I am a professional photographer in my time away from, so I had the privilege of taking all of the photos of the employees to submit to Ken, the official Bobblehead maker in New York ” ~ Dixie


Daniel + Bobblehead

“I loved working here then when we had 35 people in the whole company, as I love it now. Things are so much bigger now and we have even more complex opportunities than we dreamed of then. Also, now, I have a real dream team, early on the marketing department was just one shmuck (me).” ~Daniel


Jay + Bobblehead

“Every employee counts at Whether you’re talking to customers, keeping our website running, or shipping out free samples, everyone’s a super hero.” ~ Jay


What Makes You a Super Hero?

Everyone’s got something that makes them stand out from the crowd. In our halls we’ve got a cave diver, member of a barbershop quartet, an IT guru whose cookies will blow you away, and a man whose mustache went viral. What’s your special sauce? Let us know in the comments below!


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