Stains Aren’t All Bad…We love Stained Glass Windows!

Stained glass windows are a trend that have been around for ages and are making a comeback!  They are a fantastic way to add character and color to any room. Some people like the look of stained glass but not the price – that’s why we’ve got some great stained glass alternatives that can add the same impact and style!

Check out these 4 ways to make your windows a focal point with stained glass:

1. Add Victorian Charm

What makes this space so unique is the interesting juxtaposition between urban style and antique pieces. The movie poster, interior brick and hanging lamp all create a contemporary feel, while the stained glass window and fireplace accessories mimic a vintage Victorian setting.

2. Decorate A Ceiling

The stained glass windows breathe so much life into this room – they add color and excitement to an otherwise overlooked part of the space, the ceiling. By doing so, the room visually opens up, appearing to be more spacious.

3. Emphasize a Geometric Motif

In this wine cellar, a circle motif unites the room – the wine corks, the table, and the stained glass pattern all emphasize this same shape. By adding color, the stained glass brightens up the room and makes it seem like the perfect place to sit down, relax, and drink a glass of wine 😉

4. Cover a Bathroom Window

A stained glass film is the perfect solution for someone looking to add privacy to their bathroom, while still getting light to enter the room. Not only does this window have function, but it also adds style.

Want to try out the stained glass look in your home?

Check out our Samuel K Designs Stained Glass Appliques  – they’re the perfect alternative to stained glass. This unique, easy to install window treatment has the look and feel of leaded glass and has UV inhibitors that prevents fading and discoloration. These appliques even reduce summer heat so why not try it out now?

For those on a budget, we’ve got the Thomas Hicks Decorative Window Film – these translucent films have an image that is visible from both sides of the window, providing privacy and style, while allowing natural light to enter the room. They are a great way to add color and personality to your home.

Want more ideas for colorful windows?

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  1. I really like the glass ceiling in the second to last photo. That would be perfect in our little study area. I like the color choices of the glass because they really seem to add the right amount of light to the room. This really makes me want to get some of this glass for my lights.

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