Reasons to Love NEW Signature Pleated Shades

Our new Signature Pleated Shades give you the best in lush fabrics and premium features. Find out why our customers love pleated shades, and where they’ll fit in your home.

Reasons to Love Signature Pleated Shades - Signature Pleated Shades

Crisp pleats never lose their shape and will keep your windows looking tailored all year round. When raised, they only take up an inch or two, so nothing stands in the way of your view.

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Choose From 2 Sizes:

Signature 1” Pleated Shades – the classic, most popular size.

Signature 2” Pleated Shades – a newer, bolder scale that is gaining popularity.

Why Choose Pleated Shades?

In one word… fabric! Honeycomb shades (a cousin to pleated shades) are limited to non-woven fabrics made of heat fused fibers. Because the construction of pleated shades is much less complex, they can be made with a wide range of woven materials. Signature 1" Pleated Shade

Palms Barley

The Signature Collection has textured patterns that include variegated yarns and fabrics with the patterns woven-in (called jacquards). It also features transparent/sheer, light filtering and opaque/blackout fabrics.

Customize Your Shades

Learn about the wide selection of custom options and build your perfect shade.


This sleek lift system allows you to raise and lower the shade without the use of any cords. Simply move the bottom rail up or down with one hand, and the shade will stay where you leave it.

Cordless Blinds

This option not only gives you a streamlined look, but it is recommended for safety in homes with small children or pets. Learn more about child safety and blinds.

Continuous Cord Loop

We recommend this lift style for shades on wide windows. The continuous cord loop evenly distributes the weight of the shade to allow for effortless raising and lowering.

Continuous Cord Loop

The cord anchors to the wall with a tensioning device that keeps it hidden out of the way.


A cord on either side of the head rail allows you to raise the shade from the bottom up, or lower it from the top down. This feature is a favorite of many of our customers. Lower the top and you can let in natural light without losing privacy.

top down bottom up blinds

Combine this option with cordless to give your shade maximum versatility.


If windows are hard to reach, or you’d like to adjust a whole room of shades at once, motorization is a great choice. Sync all of your shades to one remote for windows that have never been so easy to open.

Motorized Pleated Shades

Protective Linings

Some of the woven fabrics let in beautiful light during the day, but fail to give privacy at night. Choose a light filtering liner for privacy or a blackout liner for uninterrupted sleep.

Pleated shade with liner

Although fabrics are durable, adding a liner will help your shade last longer by protecting against sun damage and fading.

Pleated Shades Right For You? Get an Instant Quote! Signature Pleated Shades

Browse colors and styles for Signature Pleated Shades, enter your window measurements, and get a quote!

Need more help? Call us at 800-505-1905 and our experts will be happy to answer questions or guide you through the ordering process.

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