Sherwin-Williams Paint Colors Match Blinds and Shades

One of the wonderful things about the Internet is how easily
and quickly shoppers can access any information they need. Matching paint to your window blinds is now a sure thing, without ever having to go to a paint or hardware store. The savvy writers
over at Good Housekeeping Magazine featured us in a recent issue in an article
called “20 Bright Ideas for Your Home.” In the article, they mention that “
offers colorful designer blinds that match hues in most of Sherwin-Williams’s
paints,” and it’s true! Tell us your Sherwin-Williams paint color, and we can
identically match blinds to it. It’s that easy. Design Consultants can also
help you choose complementary colors. Why go for complementary colors instead
of matching?



Because complementary colors produced aesthetically pleasing
interior designs. Utilizing complementary colors will help you create a vivid
and complex color scheme in your home, one that draws people in and makes them
want to stay (but not too long!).


However, it is often better, or necessary, to match colors. This is true if
you’re trying to match wood stains, browns, variations of white and cream, and
even bright colors in some cases.

Another tool we LOVE to help you match paint colors in your
home is the Sherwin-Williams iPhone app. This amazing little tool allows you to
take pictures of your surroundings and colors that inspire you, then match them
to Sherwin-Williams paint colors. Love the color of the cardinal that feeds
from your birdfeeder every morning? Snap a photo and find the paint that
matches his feathers. If you’re moving, and love the color of the paint on your
walls but can’t remember what it’s called, use this app to figure it out.



The Color
Matching System takes all of the guess work out of the process. And when you’re
redecorating, one less thing to worry about can make a world of difference.

Happy decorating,


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