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Every so often, we feature one of the letters our readers send in. Today’s letter comes from San Diego, from someone who’s trying to give blinds to someone else for good use.

Hello Esther,

I have blinds I would like to donate. I got new windows, and now my old blinds do not fit the  new windows. They are nice blinds, about five years old. I would prefer to donate them versus throwing them away.

Your advice would be a big help. I live in San Diego, Ca.

Thank you,


Answer after the jump!

Dear Tevia,

Your letter reminds me that I haven’t talked about one of my favorite programs at, Blinds for Clunkers. Blinds for Clunkers offers people who donate their old blinds to any charity or recycle their old a 10% off gift code to use towards any purchase at It’s our way of saying “thank you” for helping a family who may not be able to afford window treatments, or for perserving the environment, even in this small way.

All you have to do is take a picture of yourself making the donation, dropping the blinds at the recycling plant, or of the receipt you received from the donation center, send it to, and we’ll shoot that 10% off code over to you personally. Take a look at some photos of customers who have donated or recycled blinds.

Find out how to recycle window coverings at The Finishing Touch.

If you’re looking for a donation center in San Diego, I found this handy PDF that tells you what can and cannot be recycled (PDF).

To donate your blinds to a worthy cause, I highly recommend donating to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore. The ReStore is a place where homeowners can come to buy discounted goods like appliances, flooring, paint, and yes, blinds, to help make their new houses into homes. At, we donate all returned blinds and shades to the location in Houston, and I confirmed with Habitat San Diego that there is a ReStore there. I’m sure they’d be glad to receive your donation. Find out more about the Habitat for Humanity ReStore San Diego.

Happy donating, I’m sure someone is going to really enjoy the blinds you no longer need!



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