Real Customer Photos: Sun Shades for the Sunroom

Let me begin with the obvious statement: we have amazing customers.

Jim C. recently sent us a few photos of his swanky new sun room, complete with sun shades, also known as solar shades, which are the perfect touch for a room like this. Our favorite is the view from the patio, mostly because that’s where we’d love to be right now, holding a drink with a little umbrella in it… but we digress. Read Jim’s tales of how he came across these blinds!

We added this sunroom in 2009 and have been looking for a window treatment ever since then. Nothing we’ve seen in the past was what we wanted. A few months ago, we were at Brooklyn Pizzeria in Wesley Chapel, NC and we saw these shades and immediately said, “This is what we need for the sunroom.”  I found you guys just doing a Internet search on “sun shades”.

Sunroom Shades 001
Shades installed, completely raised. Great view to the backyard.

Installation-wise, the first one was a struggle,  the second one went up fairly easy with only a few snags, and by the time I installed the third one, I was already a PRO and it went up like I knew what I was doing.

The great thing about these shades is #1, they block the sun, but we were looking for something that blocked the contents of the room at night with the lights off and these do exactly that. Since the room has a lot of electronics, we didn’t want to “Help a good boy go bad” by showing off our stuff at night.

Makes a lot of sense to us! Looks like you have a pretty awesome setup there, Jim. Hope you’ll think of inviting us to your next get-together 😉

Check out the rest of the photos below:

  Sunroom Shades
Shades up. You barely see them!

Sunroom Shades 003
Shades down this time. Notice how the view outside is still great, even when the shade is lowered.

Sunroom Shades 005

From the outside, you cannot see inside the house when the shade is lowered.

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  1. Aas57 Reply

    Is it possible to find out which type of solar shade was used in the sunroom? And how much change did the owner find in the heat of the room and the amount of glare that was decreased after the shades were installed/

    • happykatie Reply

      I highly recommend these sheerweave solar shades to re-create the photos above:,8577  They help you keep that great visibility, even when the shades are lowered – and just look really high end.  

      As for heat and glare, I can speak from personal experience saying that solar shades make an unbearably hot sunroom and livable space during the summer.

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