Real customer photos: Bragging Mommy’s nursery window shades


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It's interesting what skills you pick up when you are a parent.  Important life lessons like:


  • How to move through a pitch black room without tripping over LEGOs and making a lot of noise
  • How to cloak green vegetables on a toddlers plate
  • How to catch a soon-to-be giant temper tantrum with a juice box and your best SpongeBob impersonation

While the crew WISHES we could help with those parenting challenges, there's at least one skill we can let you avoid all together.  The ever-present 'how to block out the morning sunshine to let your baby sleep in!!!'.

The Bragging Mommy loves our blackout shades!


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We love The Bragging Mommy's review of our 3/8" Double Cell Blackout Shades, because it shows that blocking the light in a baby nursery can be beautiful and functional!  Here's what they have to say:

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I absolutely love their 3/8" Double Cell Blackout Cellular Shades.  I got them in coffee bean (brown) and they look fabulous in my baby girl’s nursery.  The brown really adds a warm feel to the room.  They work great for blocking out the light as well as the heat.  Which is perfect since her window faces the sun all day long.  They have made a huge difference in keeping the room cooler. 

Heidi paired a coffee bean color blackout shade with her baby girl's pink nursery walls and we think it turned out beautifully!  Looking good and sleeping well!?  Sounds like a match made in window shade heaven. 

What tricks have you used to keep your small person (and you!) rested and happy in their nursery?

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  1. I just recommended these blinds to one of my visitors asking for advice on decorating a pink and brown room for her daughter.

    No more cumbersome drapery liners to block the sunlight is a very, very nice thing!

  2. LOVE THIS!! looks great, Bragging Mommy!

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