Random Objects and Boring Walls Are Reborn Through Bisazza Glass Tiles

A few days ago, I discovered Bisazza, a manufacturer of
glass mosaic tiles. As I began to look through the galleries of designers and
artists who have successfully used these tiles to create beautiful things, I
was overwhelmed by the scale, detail, and color. These tiny tiles, when used
together in intricate patterns on walls and buildings, and to cover unique
shapes like large-scale teapots, make these spaces and objects come to life.
These tiles aren’t just for professionals though. Anyone can purchase them to
tile bathrooms, pools, walls, anything.  I
am about to purchase tile to cover my entire house. Someone might have to hold
me back. Go to their website and see for yourself. If you aren’t mesmerized by
these designs, something might be the matter with you. 

Some of the pieces that really blew me away:


Alessandro Mendini, “Torrede Filosofoda Arte Architettura”



Carlo Dal Bianco, “Fiore Blu.” I’d never get out of this pool. I’d be very pruney.


Carlo Dal Bianco, “Winter Flower oro nero.” This is what it looks like in my dreams.

Bisazza_FabioNovembre_BisazzaShowroom_Berlino_Stripes Fall 

Fabio Novembre, “Bisazza Showroom – Berlino – Stripes Fall”


Jaime Hayon, “Jet Set.” An entire airplane covered in metallic silvery tiles!


Aldo Cibic, “Panache.” I love how these colorful tiled benches meld with the old world architecture of the building behind that. They’re a perfect duo.


Sandro Chia, “Divano A Mare.” The artist’s use of tile to create different shades of blue is almost like Pointillism with tile.


Alessandro Mendini, “Proust.” My favorite of them all. If money was no object, and I didn’t have a tendency to spill, I would commission every chair in my home to be giant and covered in tiles by Mendini.

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