Q & A: What are the Best Blinds to Darken a Sunny Room?

Adam from Houston, TX asked us:

I have a very sunny room and want my room to be very dark.  What should I use to cover my windows?

sunny room

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We told him:

Adam, if you want it VERY dark, choose something that blocks the most light, like a Blinds.com blackout honeycomb shade.

You can also try a woven wood or roman shade with a blackout liner for a very chic and stylish look. If you’re redecorating on a budget, an outside mount roller shade might be the right choice. Just in case adding a custom poker table to the “man cave” is in your decorating future, there will be plenty of cash leftover! 😉

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  1. Adam in Houston Reply

    Thanks for the advice, very helpful! One question; How did you know I have a man-cave?

  2. Jessica Reply

    Dear Laura, Though your curtains might match perfectly, it sounds like they are a bit too sheer. To solve the problem, put some Blinds.com roller shades behind them.

  3. Laura Reply

    I bought Liz Claiborne curtains that go with my bed quilt and match perfectly, but they let way too much light in because of the light material. Is there anything I can put behind them that isn't too bulky so that it doesn't mess up the look of the curtains but can block out more light so as not to wake me up in the morning?

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