Practicing What We Preach is located in Houston, Texas.For those of you familiar with the soggiest, most humid city in the northern hemisphere (yes, I’m prone to exaggeration), we get a lot of sun. A LOT of sun. And we have a lot of windows around here. One
guess what the best way to insulate and prevent energy loss in an office

At, we use a variety of window treatments around
the office. They look awesome, but they’re also great for our Design
Consultants to use when they’re explaining products to customers.
Design Consultants are well-versed in every product, and because we have them
installed around the office, they can tell customers the intimate details of

A few examples:


This is what I look at every day, though if the weather is nice, this light filtering honeycomb shade is often up. This shade doesn’t block light completely; it lets light filter in gently. Even on the sunniest, hottest day, I can lower this shade and let a little sunshine in without walking out of here with a sunburn on my back and shoulders. The valance above the shade is a box-pleat valance.


Welcome to Customer Service. In this department, they hung aluminum blinds.


A few of our windows have drapery panels instead of blinds and shades. This is a contempo-pleat drapery panel.


The ever-popular Vertical cell shade hangs on the large window outside of my office. This is an awesome alternative to vertical blinds, as it covers a large amount of window, if necessary. Some also find it more attractive than a vertical blind.


Our CEO hung a motorized wood blind on the window looking out of his office. He can open and close this blind with the touch of a button. Here he is, pretending he doesn’t want me to take a picture.

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