Pinterest Fab 4: how to win at weekends


If the daily grind is wearing you thin, it may be time to get away for a weekend. Make the most of your momentary hiatus from routine and get out there with these (insanely cute) Pinterest finds!

Pinterest weekend tips

1. Weekend getaway travel guide– You’ll get more than a few ideas for surprising places to visit with this 36 Hour weekend travel guide from The New York Times. It is a collection of Lady Gray’s travel column that will help you uncover locales with character and charm, and tells you how to tackle them in 2 and a half day with practical itineraries.

2. The perfect weekender bag- Tote your weekend essentials in style with this on-trend navajo printed wool and leather bag. Luggage like this has the potential to make you (almost) more excited about packing than getting to your destination. It’ll fit all you need with pockets inside and out, but there’s something a little satisfying about packing light. Don’t you agree?

3. A weekend of meals in one cooler– If you decide to spend a few days in a cabin or beach house, it can be a daunting task to plan meals and travel with all the supplies you need.  If you follow Cooking Light’s weekend meal plan you can rest assured that you’ll be feeding your group healthful meals, and spend a little more time with a book on the porch. They include recipes from Friday dinner to Sunday brunch, and have even made sure that all the cold items will fit in one cooler.

4. Relaxed fall layers– As the chill starts to come into the air, bring those scarves out of the closet and take along some light layers. Flats and a tote will be great for traipsing around town by day, but add some heels and a clutch and you’ll be ready for a night out.  Whether you’re leaving town or not, check out Kendi Everyday for fabulous fashion inspiration. She’ll help you reimagine the pieces already in your closet for a fresh new  weekend look.

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  1. Thanks for putting this together! I especially appreciate the weekend of meals in one cooler- I can do that even if I’m not traveling, giving me even more time to enjoy the weekend!

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