Pinterest Fab 4: Easy school lunches

Summer is starting to wind down and with that comes the commotion of getting ready for back to school days – backpacks, uniforms, school supplies, and most imporanty, your kiddos lunches!

The start of a school year can be hectic so we want to help you get through it with as much ease as possible – I mean hey.. our mission statement is to provide an easy and exciting experience, so its just fitting.

Check out this months Pinterest Fab 4: Easy School Lunches

School Lunch Ideas

DIY Lunchbox Icepacks:

The essential to every healthy lunch box is a good ice pack.  How else would you keep those fruits and veggies fresh?  DIY Lunchbox Icepacks are the perfect creation because they are both cheap and easy to make.  Buy a few sponges from your local dollar store, soak them in water and then place them in a ziplock bag.  When they thaw, the sponge absorbs the water.  Talk about easy!

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PB & J Sushi Rolls:

If you grew up anything like me, you had a picky mom, who turned you into an even pickier eater.  Eating anything remotely smelling or tasting like fish – no way!  But PB and J sandwhiches shaped like sushi?  YUM… Sign me up!   This PB and J recipe is an easy school lunch to whip up.  Learn how to make these bite sized sandwhiches here.

kids lunches - pbj sushi

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Sandwhich Skewers:

Kids like to have fun, espeically with their food.  This next lunch idea is a no brainer – Sandwhich Skewers!   You can be as creative or simple as you want with this easy lunch meals.  Take your kids with you to the grocery to hand select each layer too.  Check out some lunch skewer ideas here.  Happy stacking!

Lunch Skewers

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Ants On A Log:

A school lunch is not complete without a good snack.   And one of the easist snacks out there (not to mention uber healthy!) is celery!    Make eating this green vegetable into a fun activity with either peanut butter, hummus, cream cheese, a handful of raisins or cranberries, plus some animal crackers to top off your creation.  Learn how to make your very own celery activity log with any of the above ingredients.  There are tons of ways to enjoy this treat so don’t let your imagination stop running.  MMM!

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