Pinterest 5: Mindy’s Favorite Pinterest Design Boards


It’s a funny thing I like Pinterest as much as I do. Before discovering the website, I was not a fan of cooking, fashion, or arts and crafts, and now, well I spend at least an hour day browsing about on it!

No joke, when my mom learned I was actually learning and enjoying to cook foods I pinned, she asked if she could write Pinterest a Thank You Note… thanks mom!

Check out my current 5 favorite Pinterest accounts to inspire you at home too:

1. Justina Blakeney – Honestly, I am kind of in love with Justina’s entire Pinterest account! I am all about recycling so naturally I love her board, Upcycled, because it shows tons of ways to use and reuse everyday products and turn them into DYI home wonders!

2. Meritt Beck – When it comes to fashion, I know nothing, which is why I am always excited to see what Meritt posts next on Pinterest. If you have tons of accessories like me, but never end up wearing them for lack of confidence or style, you definitely should check out her board, Details. I also love her board, Cheap Thrills (under $100), because, well I like to shop cheap!

3. Chocolate-Covered Katie –I pretty much have no self control and love ALL desserts, which is why this next find is pure perfection! This dessert board has hundreds of “healthy” dessert/snack recipes that actually look and still taste mmm mmm good! Seriously, my mouth is drooling…

4. Good Housekeeping Magazine – I simply cannot get enough of this account! I could spend hours going through each board and have seen so many cool Decorating Tips that I really just want to remodel my entire home! I am obsessed with the holiday themed boards and cannot wait to have my own holiday decorations – July 4th celebration ay my house?!

5. Brooke Chamblee  – The kitchen is arguably the most beautiful part of the home, so it is no wonder I love this account. There is an entire board dedicated to just kitchens and there are so many different designs and layouts to sort through!

Are we connected on Pinterest yet?

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