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Pick your room color with Colourlover

Katie Laird
By | r January 16, 2012
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Levolor 3/8″ honeycomb shades in sage (with cream and brown room accents)

Inspiration for color schemes and accent colors is all around us – in magazines, friends’ travel photos, runway collections, nail polish lines and beyond.

But sometimes it’s nice to have a nifty product do the work for you, whether that means identifying colors for you or just inspiring your eyes with fresh and cool new palettes.

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The perfect solution for your color curiousity: COLOURlovers

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Color by COLOURlovers

You can search, save and salivate over combos never before appreciated.  Think how cool it would be to have a consistent color palette inspire your blinds at home, logo on your business cards and website / blog template?  Branding through color – we dig it.


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Take that rainbow love of yours to new places with the very cool ColorSchemer iPhone app – it uses the COLOURlovers database of patterns and palettes and let’s you document, discover and share wherever the mood strikes.

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